Haugaard Creative

Over the summer of 2016, I worked as an intern for the Chicago branding and packaging company, Haugaard Creative. Throughout the summer, I worked on various internal and client jobs that gave me experience interacting with clients and heads of business, generating various stages of iterations of projects based on feedbacks, and working within the confines of both the clients preferences as well as legal and regulatory boundaries set by the FDA, different companies trademark restrictions, and other influences. 

Although I worked and assisted with several projects and tasks, the documented projects to the left are the jobs that I generated a majority of myself. The Kid Cuisine packages were created as part of a promotion the food company had with Disney for the new Star Wars movies, and are the final of six separate iterations shown to the client, and will be on shelves in Feburary. 


MINT was an interior committee of Quaker established to help emphasize communication and efficiency within the company. I was asked to create the logo used for the committee.