Graphic Design Mentorship Program

The Graphic Design Mentorship Program is a hypothetical proposal created in our Fall design studio. 

In order to experience generating a user experience in order to solve a problem, we were partnered with a member of our class and asked to evaluate them on something that they were struggling with or was a challenge for them in everyday life that they would like solved. 


The problem that was presented by my partner was an inability to really connect with people in our major and field after he came back from a two year service trip in the army. After the initial problem was identified we then dove deeper into root causes and finer details to find an effective way to truly address his needs and the needs of others who were having similar problems. Through the various interview exercises, such as single point mind mapping with post it notes, I determined that a hypothetical mentorship program would best address my partners problems


Once the overall solution was determined, I began sketching both branding and the general flow of the website. In order to focus on the actual face to face interaction and connection that the program hoped to initiate, I decided to make the website as minimal as possible, with tools only to provide preliminary connections for people that could help them better connect in real life.