Pause Campaign for Campus Inclusiveness

A campaign created in our Junior Year studio class attempting to address discriminatory behavior and language in the campus environment, both intentionally and unintentionally. The campaign asked people around campus to pause and think about the effects of word choice on people in their surrounding environment before speaking. Additionally, the campaign seeks to educate people, and students in particular, on just how unwelcome and unsafe certain speech can have on minority individuals through statistics, examples, and personal accounts. 

The logo was created by using simplistic visual elements and repurposing the traditional equal sign that has long been a nationwide symbol for LGBTQ equality into the pause sign to continue to encourage people to think about others and their impact on their surroundings. The information was gathered straight from multiple campus climate reports for several large public American universities, with much of the wording for the campaign coming directly from student quotations about current attitudes of and towards LGBTQ communities on campuses.