Planter box Vodka

Planter Box Vodka is an alcohol branding project done as an assignment in our senior year studio. Each student created their own hypothetical alcohol brand with a corresponding story behind the company. 

For my brand I chose to work with the packaging and follow the theme of grassroots urban renewal in at risk environments. The hypothetical company is a vodka distilled through potatoes that have been grown in homemade planter boxes, as home gardens are a big part of DIY urban renewal movements. By working with the packaging and converting a traditional box into a planter box accompanying the bottle, the alcohol brand gives the consumer the ability to grow their own crops with clear, minimal directions on the back of the box. The branding design for the actual bottle that is seen once it is removed from the box is based around urban street art, another large component of urban renewal and beautification by local communities, working with polygonal shapes to create an abstract, interpretive urban environment, using eccentric and expressive colors. 


Various sketches and iterations through Illustrator of visuals for brand.


Banner artwork for bottle label. Abstract/stylized cityscape using elements similar to those found in street art murals and pieces.